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the signage on their wall caught my attention when i was leaving the gym- grills, greens and grains. that's exactly my kind of thing, so i wandered in to check it out, with no intention of eating there that day; just wanted to see if their offerings were interesting enough to warrant a return. turned out that they were giving out free grain bowls as part of their soft launch. now that's an interesting strategy. since it was free, i decided to give it a try.

also because it was free, and i was there pretty late for lunch, they were out of their regular sides. as such, i didn't get to try their usual sides, but i did get to eat some pretty interesting stuff- i think those are the things they usually put in their pita pockets. they had a few choices for the base, most of it grains, so i got the only veggie option. i chose the beef curry over pork belly as protein. for the sides, i got beetroot patties, portobello and alfalfa sprouts, along with sunflower seeds.

i ended up really liking the beetroot patty. its texture resembled that of sweet potato, and they'd put spices in it. the portobello was juicy and awesome as well. the beef curry was okay, but too much tendon in it for my liking. also, i only got two miserable cubes- i'm wondering if that's their usual portion, or was it because it was free?

noticed from the board that they usually offer the grain bowl at $13.80, inclusive of base, one protein, three sides and two toppings. the food that i got to try was good enough to make me want to go back to try again, so i guess their strategy works. will probably pop by again sometime soon to see what they have to offer in terms of sides. also, after googling, i realise that the place is actually opened by cedele! no wonder i liked it.

workspace espresso
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