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Monday, March 21, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

was pretty excited to go back, given the very pleasant experiences i had previously. so i came back as soon as i could.

got another of their super bowls, choosing the sides from the counter. i got the same base as the previous time- greens and goji berries brown rice, this time requesting for more greens and less rice.

got a rude shock when i was choosing proteins. wanted the flank steak, but was informed that it would come with a $2.50 surcharge. what?! the server then pointed out the proteins that came with surcharge- turned out that it was all the meats. things like portobello mushrooms and lentil patties were the ones that required no top up. i needed my meat-based proteins, so i just got it anyway. rude shock number 2 came when the server just put three (three!) tiny pieces of the steak on my plate. for an extra $2.50 i was expecting slightly more, but no.

finally got to try the miso chili eggplant as my side! had the sweet potato (this time it was yellow sweet potato instead of purple) and woodear salad as my other sides, with sunflower and chia seeds as toppings.

loved the food, especially the miso chili eggplant. could hardly discern the chili, but the miso was definitely there, so no complaints. the woodear salad was just as good as i remembered. i'll grudgingly admit that the flank steak was good- tender and perfectly medium rare; but i'll think again before i order it, given the minuscule portion.

i have mixed feelings about the place now. i wasn't THAT hungry, so it ended up making me full, but on way too many carbs. i'd prefer a more protein-skewed bowl, so i'll probably look elsewhere for my salads.

workspace espresso
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