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having had a really good first experience at omnivore, i was enthusiastic about going back again (it's not easy to find clean eats that are filling, yummy AND at a reasonable price point). i was initially planning to go after the lunch crowd was gone (the raffles lunch crowd is really not to be trifled with) but my friend was suddenly available for lunch, so we met at about one.

just barely managed to snag seats, and joined the snaking queue- markedly different from the previous time i was there. still, it didn't take too long for us to get our hands on the food. this time i'd learnt my lesson and wasn't greedy, taking the regular box ($9.90). topped up $1 for the steak and 50 cents for mushrooms, so it came up to $11.40- not too bad for such a generous serving, with steak to boot. chose sous vide egg and olives as the other toppings, with romaine as the base.

while portion size has remained consistent, the thing that irked me was the doneness of the steak. the previous time i was there, it was a perfect medium rare, juicy and tender with a gorgeous, even pinkness in the centre. this time, however, it was more like well done, with the inside just as cooked as its exterior. pretty disappointing, to say the least. the saving grace was that at least it was still well marinated.

i'd like to chalk up the miss on the steak to the fact that they were overwhelmed by the lunch crowd, so i'll give them another try soon, making sure that i go AFTER the lunch rush. my friend ordered the chicken thigh, which i had previously, commenting that it was good. or perhaps i should just stay safe and stick to the chicken thigh.

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