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finally came back- my last visit was sometime last year. too many things to try, and i've been distracted. i've been back a couple of times after the last blog post, but not after they revamped their menu.

gone are the combos- they used to have options of either a donburi, or a create-your-own meal, where it came with one protein and two sides. now, instead of restricting it to two sides, it comes as add-ons to the proteins. the donburi option is now priced at a $4 add-on. it's not really a price increase for all items- the donburis actually work out to be cheaper, or slightly more expensive depending on the portion of the proteins. if you choose not to go with the donburi option, though, it does work out to be more expensive than it used to be. i was there with a sugar voucher, so i didn't mind, but my meal would've worked out to be $13 without it.

i got the full chicken breast ($6) with teppanyaki mushrooms ($2.50), grilled asparagus ($2.50) and salt baked sweet potatoes ($2).

thankfully, the food was just as good as i remembered, though i remember them to be more generous with the sides. the teppanyaki mushrooms are still my favourite, with the tender sous vide chicken breast as a close second. i usually hate onions, but i loved how they'd cooked it until it was tender and soft, without the sharp and pungent taste i associate with onions.

it is places like these that make clean eating that much easier. i'll have to remember to come back.

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