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was really interested in their super bowl lunch offerings, so i made a special trip back to mbfc with L for lunch. the super bowls were going for $13.80- one base, one protein, three sides, two toppings and a dressing.

service, for a mostly self-serviced place, was pretty good. i was just standing in front of the counter, looking at the sides, when one of the staff came up to me to explain their concept and how to order. ordering was slightly confusing though, with separate queues for ordering the bowls, and another for coffee and pita pockets.

they had mostly grain bases, with only one veggie option. one good thing was that they allowed for up to two bases, half and half, so i happily got the goji berries brown rice and veggies. their proteins were pretty interesting, with things like salmon with butter sauce, flank steak, portobello mushrooms and tomato chicken. i'd usually go for the steak, but it looked slightly overcooked, so i went for the chicken instead. for sides, they had both warm and cold ones, all labelled accordingly. i got purple sweet potatoes, dukkah egg and woodear salad as sides. was initially tempted by the chili eggplant, but then spied the dukkah egg up on the counter, and changed my mind. their other sides included a cauliflower salad and grilled zucchini. for toppings, they had sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, croutons and alfalfa sprouts; i settled on both seeds.

concept wise it was very similar to grain traders' lunch bowls, but somehow, this was much more satisfying. i was really full after my meal, and was almost unable to finish. they were generous with portions, giving three big pieces of sweet potato. my favourite of the bowl had to be the woodear salad though. it was refreshing and very moreish. the dukkah egg was a perfectly poached egg that flowed when i cut it open- a very good combination with the brown rice. the brown rice wasn't as al dente as i would like, but interestingly enough, it came with goji berries and ginkgo nuts- never thought about having brown rice in that way. the chicken thigh was juicy and tender though i could hardly discern any tomato flavour. add-on protein goes for $3.50; might look into that if i'm particularly ravenous. they offer add-on soup for $4 ($6 a la carte); was glad i decided not to add on since i was so full after even without.

L had the pulled pork pita pocket, which she quite liked as well. she said that she'd give the bowls a try the next time we swing by though. i'm already planning my next visit- really like that they offer very different sides to the usual. eating clean has never been such a joy.

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