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one of the things i miss eating, being on whole 30, is chirashi. sashimi cubes over japanese rice- so simple, but nothing quite comes close to it. 30 days without chirashi is no mean feat. when i found that teppei has chirashi with a salad option, i wanted to eat it immediately. came by on a sunday afternoon for a late lunch, so even though seats were limited, we managed to snag a table.

it was a DIY concept, quite different from the other teppei outlets.

i got the M sized bowl to customise, with salad as the base. i picked salmon, baby scallop and two portions of swordfish. one of the rules of whole 30 is no soy sauce, so i asked for no marination (also because i remember from having the regular chirashi at their other outlets that their marination was on the salty side), and no dressing for the salad as well. (the counter staff gave me disbelieving looks. don't judge me!)

even without dressing, it was yummy. never had sashimi without soy sauce, with just wasabi, but it was surprisingly good! the sashimi cubes were chunky and fresh- exactly the way i like it. the salad leaves, however, were pretty cumbersome to eat, as it was in large pieces. i was pleasantly surprised by the addition of wakame to the base- yum.

the M sized portion was a pretty light one, though, maybe because there wasn't rice. i found myself wanting some more food afterwards (also maybe because i came from the gym). it is a good, clean replacement for chirashi though! comparing this to the ones i've had at other teppei outlets... i find myself liking those better. for some reason portions seem more generous there, though my perspective might be slightly skewed because of the difference in base- greens instead of rice might be the reason why.

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