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i've wanted to try smør for the longest time. scandinavian food is hard to come by in singapore, and open-faced sandwiches? sign me up! they didn't use to have salads, only the sandwiches, but i noticed that they introduced it sometime ago. (well, they are located in the cbd after all...) but yeah, for some reason, i only made it down today to try the muscle fuel meal box ($11.90).

i'd wanted meatballs, but sadly, i was there for a late lunch, and they were already out. coffee cured sirloin beef strips sounded interesting, so i topped up an extra $2 for it. picked root veggies as my carb, along with a quinoa and sweet potato cake and edamame. i usually don't get sauce, but dill mustard sounded interesting enough for me to want to try it. i like steak with mustard, anyway.

it's a really small space- i think it'd probably fit ten people, max. thankfully it was already after the lunch rush, so i got a table to myself. my food was served to me after a brief wait (the owner even remembered my name!). best of all, i was given extra balsamic vinegar as a sauce, along with the dill mustard, because he said that he thinks it goes better with the steak.

turns out that he was right. who knew that balsamic vinegar goes with steak?! the letdown, though, was the overcooked steak, probably because it was sliced too thinly. couldn't taste the coffee cure on it either. the balsamic vinegar saved it, though, so i didn't mind that much. i should probably have picked something more scandinavian, though- perhaps the norwegian cod fillets. the other sides were pretty good- clean tasting, exactly what i like. the root veggies were a mix of beetroot, yam and carrot, cooked plainly so the taste came through. was initially wondering if i should really get the quinoa and sweet potato cake, because it seemed like too many carbs, what with the root veggies, but i'm glad i stuck to my decision! of the whole plate, that was my favourite- i'd gladly go back just to have that. there were some crispy bits on top (quinoa, i'm guessing) that gave it a contrasting texture.

clean (some might argue, too clean) but it's my kind of thing. i need a bit more protein, like perhaps an extra egg, though! i'd come back to try the meatballs and have the sweet potato cakes again.

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