magurodonya miura misaki kou, suntec city, 4.0.

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haven't been back in a while, because i've been distracted by other restaurants (there are so many exciting openings!) then i saw on jpassport that they were having a promotion- a seared ootoro and foie gras don for $36 instead of the usual $48. i was initially intending to go for lunch the next day, but i was supposed to meet my friend for dinner, and thought that she might want to have it with me (because seared ootoro!) we were supposed to go to pasarbella suntec to have the truffle short rib bowl from grillo, but my friend was tempted enough by me to forgo it.

the place was pretty much empty, sparking in me concerns that they would close down. i really hope it doesn't, because it is my favourite japanese restaurant.

happily enough they were running yet another promo, which gave free ootoro nigiri with any order. that arrived first, and was a delicious start to our meal.

our bowls arrived after quite a wait, but the wait was completely worth it.

the bowl arrived with the ingredients in its original state. the waitress then brought out a blow torch and started searing it on the spot- very similar to the hon maguro hikkaki aburi don that i had previously. in fact, the ingredients were also similar, with just the addition of foie gras and omelette strips. when she started torching the bowl, a delicious fragrance filled the air. there's something just so magical about aburi-ed stuff.

the food was just as good as i remembered, and i savoured every bite. the torching brought out the oiliness of the fish, and transferred it to the japanese rice below. the japanese rice was no side kick- it was utterly fragrant and perfectly vinegared; a perfect complement to the aburi-ed fish. i struggled not to finish the rice. i much preferred the ootoro slices to the foie gras, though. honestly speaking i could do without the foie gras in exchange for more of the ootoro. the leaner maguro scrapping provided a good balance to the creaminess of the ootoro and foie gras.

the set also came with a truffle soy sauce to drizzle over the don. i tried a bit of it and found that it didn't quite need it- it was already good by itself. my friend loved the sauce though, so i gave mine to her. miso soup, pickled japanese ginger, chawanmushi and fruits completed the set.

i felt really satisfied after the meal. first bowl of japanese rice since ending whole 30, and this was just completely worth it. it's not cheap, but i think it's value for money. we left with our bellies full and satisfied. i have to remember to not be distracted and come by often; their food consistently delivers.

magurodonya miura misaki kou
suntec city

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