toss & turn, ion.

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came by for a late dinner after the gym, and was pretty hungry. ion has no shortage of salad places, and for that i'm grateful, but for some reason i really wanted toss & turn, which i remembered liking but haven't had for a while. saw that they had a new item, which was salad with a hot main ($12.80), and that sealed the deal.

did a takeaway and went to eat at food republic just opposite, because my friend didn't feel like salad.

the salad included a base, one hot main, one protein and four other toppings. i picked the pork carnitas as my hot main, which came packed separately. they were out of frittatas, so i got chicken breast as my other protein. an egg, sweet potato, beetroot and a handful of almond flakes completed my salad. it was quite a sizeable and satisfying portion, actually. the pork carnitas, while yummy, hardly qualified as a hot main- it was just room lukewarm. it being termed "hot main" made me have the false impression that it was actually going to be hot. that aside, i was pretty happy with what i got- enough to go back the following week.

this time, instead of the pork carnitas, i decided to try the teriyaki chicken fillet. and because i was there in the late afternoon this time round, they still had the frittata. also had the rosemary potatoes this time- yum! i much preferred the pork carnitas, though- the chicken was way too dry.

cedele has always consistently delivered in terms of their food, which is why i've been going to cedele pretty often. toss & turn is however my favourite outlet out of all the cedele outlets for salad- the variety is much wider, especially with the addition of the hot mains.

toss & turn
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