babette restaurant & bar, tyrwhitt road, 2.0.

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never expected to be back so quickly, but my sister saw my pictures from my previous visit and wanted to try the place. came by on a sunday afternoon for lunch, making a reservation just in case, but it seemed that it wasn't necessary.

pondered over the menu for a while, before deciding on the sea bass truffle risotto ($20). remembered not liking the rice the previous time, so that left out all the donburi. my sister was briefly toying with the idea of getting the duck and waffle ($25), but decided to stick to the steak and foie gras donburi ($28), which was the main reason why she was tempted to visit the place anyway. we also got the chicken tsukune trio ($10) to share as a starter.

the food took quite a while to come (or maybe because i was hungry so it seemed longer) even though the place was quite empty. happily enough, everything came at one go, and the food more than made up for the wait.

the tsukune came with a sous vide egg, which was supposed to act as a dip. ingenious, because runny yolk is awesome on anything. the tsukune was not like the usual japanese ones i'm used to, with spices that aren't normally in tsukune. quite average, but i was happy with the sous vide egg, so all was good.

my sea bass truffle risotto was really good. the risotto was full of truffle flavour- my sister could smell it right across the table. bonus: it was also filled with mushrooms. loved that the risotto was cooked just right, too. the sea bass came perfectly seasoned, well cooked and with a crackly, crispy skin- yum!

my sister had nothing but praise for the steak and foie gras donburi, and even managed to finish up all the rice. i took a few bites, and it was just as good as when i had it previously. good to see that they'd maintained standards.

food is consistently good, though the wait for food to be served is on the long side. when i asked my sister if she'd like to come back, she said yes without hesitation. so yeah, i suppose we'll be back, probably for the duck and waffle! their menu is quite interesting, actually- so many items caught my attention.

babette restaurant & bar
165 tyrwhitt road

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