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on the whole 30 plan, and today's day 17 of clean eating. i actually enjoy eating like this (though my friends are more disapproving, since my choices are limited). so it's been days of salads, and it's been good! i've been on the lookout for good salad places (some places are so stingy with portions it makes me wonder if it would kill them to give me just a bit more). my friend recommended me this place, and so i decided to give it a try.

i went at around two plus, way after the lunch crowd had dissipated, so i barely had to wait. the concept is pretty similar to the daily cut, which i am a fan of (just not the prices). fill up an order chit, pay at the cashier, and wait for the food. the offerings are also pretty similar, but at a cheaper price.

i was feeling greedy, so i got the medium box with two proteins. picked the sirloin steak (additional $1) and chicken thigh. got romaine lettuce as the base, with toppings of sous vide egg, aloe vera (!) and button mushrooms (additional 50 cents). it added up to a total of $14.40.

i watched as they built the box, and they were so generous, giving hefty scoops of everything. i was pretty shocked at the portion of the proteins as well- much more than palm-sized. so much so that i half regretted being greedy and was wondering if i could actually finish everything. liked that they cooked the steak on order, rather than pre-cooking it and letting it sit there in hot trays (and thus overcooking it).

the chicken thigh was juicy and tender, as was the steak, which was cooked a perfect medium rare. in fact i loved everything about the box, aside from the aloe vera, which i found to be too sweet and left untouched. i'll probably skip the aloe vera in favour of other toppings next time (probably edamame once i'm off the plan).

in short, this is my favourite salad shop for now. it beats the daily cut hands down. i'll be back for more (but i'll probably get the regular box the next time).

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