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i've been to house of gimbap three times now. the first time, on a regular visit, where i ordered the dry anchovy and nut kimbap ($11.50).

was initially aiming for the special set that they were promoting on their facebook page- one of each flavour of kimbap (perfect for an indecisive person like me) but it just so happens that it wasn't available that day. grr. the korean lady boss (?) was nice enough to offer me a free doenjang soup as an apology.

i've never had kimbap that i've liked- this was the first one. loved the crispy anchovies, offset by the crunchiness of the fresh vegetables. what set it apart from sushi, though, was the use of sesame oil in the rice instead of vinegar. it gave a delicious fragrance. there was also an interesting spicy hit from the cheongyang spicy pepper slices. loved it- all the elements went well together.

for $11.50, it's on the pricey side, though i really liked it. so when i saw that they were having a groupon promotion, i jumped at the opportunity.

the groupon set came with two kimbaps and two noodles ($27.80).

i liked the dry anchovy and nut one so much that i ordered it again. my friend picked the bulgogi beef, which was delicious as well.

there were two noodles available to choose from, so we just got one of each.

i preferred the spicy bibim noodles to the doenjangmari soup noodles, while my friend, being sick, felt differently. i felt the soup noodles were on the bland side. for both noodles, though, i felt that there could be less noodle and more of other ingredients. but that's perhaps just me, since i'm not such a noodle person. definitely prefer their kimbap to noodles.

came by a third time with X, and this time, i got my wish! they'd run out of flat noodles, so they were serving the dish with regular noodle instead. i requested to swap the noodles with kimbap instead, and they agreed to let me pick one of the lower value kimbaps. i got the egg roll and vegetable kimbap, which was just egg roll, pickles and vegetables. X got the spicy pork, which was one of those i've been eyeing on the menu. but since she got it... it gave me the opportunity to grab the dry anchovy and nut again.

i've never been interested in kimbaps up until now. they've changed my perspective, and i'll definitely head over again, especially since they're having the promotion.

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