porsena deli, pasarbella suntec.

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read that porsena deli's sandwiches are good, so i came by to have a look. the first thing that caught my eye off the menu was the pastrami slider roll ($4.90), which also happened to be half the price of their normal sandwiches. i'm hardly ever so decisive, but it was smoked corned beef brisket, provolone cheese and dijon mustard between brioche buns. if that doesn't scream order me, i don't know what does.

ordered and got a buzzer. i was expecting it to be served quickly, but it took longer than i expected. it was worth the wait, though.

can't really tell from the picture, but the brisket portion was a pretty good one. what's obvious from this picture, though, is the generosity of the cheese- it was practically oozing out with each bite i took. the brioche buns were the perfect vehicle, being fluffy and light. it's a simple sandwich (burger?) but its simplicity works. i wolfed the thing down pretty quickly, it being really rather petite in size. i was in a hurry, so i kind of wished i had the time to slowly savour it.

i wanted a quick and light snack to tide me over until lunch, so its size worked. for it to be a proper meal, though... that's a no go, unless you're one of those people with a tiny appetite. i liked the sandwich enough to want to come back and try their other offerings.

porsena deli
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