seoul roll, raffles city.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

needed to pick up a quick and light lunch, and this sounded like the perfect thing. i was there pretty early, so the shelves were mostly empty, and it made me wonder if those items were unavailable. also because i was in a rush, i decided to just pick one that was available, so that i wouldn't have to wait for them to roll. chose the anchovy & almond roll ($5) because i really liked the one from house of gimbap, and i was curious to see how it compared.

turned out that i still had to wait. the woman started rolling a new one instead of taking the one already made- i suppose i should be happy that i got a fresh one, but i got slightly antsy waiting.

it was a tiny kiosk, so takeaway only, coming packed in a paper box. the roll itself was a pretty hefty one, filled with egg, crispy anchovies, cream cheese and vegetables. in fact, it was such a big one that i had some trouble fitting a whole piece into my mouth.

it was delicious, but because i had a comparison with the one from house of gimbap, this paled in comparison. this was a slightly less refined version, with not as much careful balance of flavours- i felt that there was too much cream cheese, actually. still, i would come back to try their other flavours.

seoul roll
raffles city

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