håakon superfoods and juice, 313 somerset.

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realised that håakon has taken over soup stock tokyo over at 313 somerset, and decided to try it for dinner (the menu was tempting enough- they have all-day breakfast!).

we got three mains to share- the lean protein platter ($15.90), salmon & zoodles ($12.90) and the avocado vegan bowl ($10.90). strangely enough, we actually waited for quite a while before our food was ready for collection. i thought that the items were pre-prepared, and they would only need to assemble them.

it's a good thing i wasn't hungry, because the portions leant towards the small side (can they be more generous with the proteins?). thankfully the flavour, though light tasting, more than made up for it. i was quite happy with all the food that we got. my favourite was definitely the zoodles, especially with the miso sauce. the food was really clean tasting, which made it right up my alley.

i'd also got an organic acai soy latte ($6.50), because it sounded really interesting. i've never seen it on other menus! it was more milky than anything else, though there was a faint acai taste. i did like it, but J found it weird.

we were feeling greedy, so we also got an acai bowl to share (i think acai bowls are my new obsession). we got a large cacao bliss bowl ($12.90), which came topped with coconut flakes, granola and fruits, with a chia seed parfait right at the bottom. it being cacao bliss, it tasted more chocolatey than anything else (not that i'm complaining). i loved how generous they'd been with the crunch elements (that's the thing that makes or breaks acai bowls for me).

yum. i can see myself coming back for the acai bowl.

haåkon superfoods and juice
313 somerset

reading menus is one of my hobbies.


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