the salad fork (the soup spoon union), raffles city.

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was pleasantly surprised by my salad lunch at the salad fork. ordered at the counter- weirdly enough, i didn't manage to find an order chit for the salad at the counter, and thus had to recite the stuff i wanted off the menu (i only managed to locate an order chit at the table later, when i'd taken a seat). i'd tried the grill knife, one of the concepts at the soup spoon union previously, and liked the food, but not so much the portions. so it was on that basis that i ordered at the salad fork- was thinking that it wouldn't be enough, so i added on the soup set for an additional $4.50.

my salad ($9.50) was served to me after a short wait. romaine formed the base of the salad. for toppings, i got edamame, basil pesto mushrooms and egg. sadly, no steak for protein (weird, given that they serve steaks at the grill knife, anyway), so i got the teriyaki chicken. of course i got the cauliflower rice with quinoa as my carb- loved it the previous time, and was looking forward to having it again. went without dressing as usual.

portions were unexpectedly generous. it satisfied me after a particularly gruelling gym session, and that's saying something. the teriyaki chicken thigh was on the dry side, but i did like it, especially its caramelised exterior. the basil pesto mushrooms were good as well, as was the cauliflower rice. was super pleased with my meal- i'd come back and order the same thing again. it's much better value for money than the grill knife. simple, but clean, and yummy. though, salad places are everywhere nowadays (there's one just opposite), and i wonder how they stand up to the competition.

the soup spoon union
raffles city

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