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sun with moon has been around for a long time, but oddly enough i've never been to the wheelock outlet. i think they used to have one at chijmes, and i did go there for dinner a long time ago. food was alright, but i wasn't impressed enough to return. it's one of those places that have generic japanese food, and i'm rarely tempted to go to such places, anyway. still, they were having a groupon (pay $40 for $60 worth of food) and i was going to be in town, so i came by for a late lunch with my friend.

we were there at about two, so no reservations were needed as the place was quite empty. managed to get a window seat, so lighting was awesome.

having browsed the menu online before i went, i was already half decided on the aburi kaisen chirashi kamameshi ($23.80, $26.80 with soup set). i can never say no when i see the words "aburi" and "chirashi". my friend tempted me when she decided on the seafood mix kamameshi (same price) which came with grilled eel, scallop, salmon and salmon roe. pretty similar to mine, but mine appeared to be the diced version, while hers was in whole pieces. the set also came with choice of three side dishes and free flow green tea- lunch sets are awesome! i got two servings of salmon sashimi and the avocado salad, while my friend got the salmon sashimi, tofu cheesecake and kurogoma pudding. asked about the difference between the normal set and the soup set- apparently the soup set meant that the meal came with a special soup instead of miso soup. the soup was supposed to be poured into the kamameshi to turn it into a chazuke. it sounded intriguing enough for both of us to decide on the soup set.

the food arrived after a brief wait, complete with an hourglass. we were only supposed to dig in after the one minute timer was up. kind of gimmicky, but okay, it was cute.

my kamameshi came served with tobiko, ikura and seaweed on the side, with the special bonito and kelp broth served in a mini kettle. and it was awesome.

i first had kamameshi in japan, and remembered loving it, but this was an even better version, probably because of the amount of ingredients it came with. the rice was delicious- sticky yet each grain was separate. there were chestnuts and mushrooms mixed into the rice, reminding of a lighter, less oily version of chinese glutinous rice. the best parts were perhaps the burnt bits that'd stuck to the iron pot. we found ourselves scraping it down just to eat it. i ate some most of it as it was, and only added the soup into the pot nearing the end. the soup transformed the rice- it was like chazuke, but better. it was especially good with the charred, crispy bits of rice, perhaps due to the difference in textures.

we left totally satisfied with the meal, promising to return. lunch is an especially good deal. snuck a peek at the dinner menu, and they offer the same things, but without the sides. i'd come back just for the kamameshi. okay, now i understand why sun with moon has survived for so long in the cutthroat restaurant industry

sun with moon japanese dining & café
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