the grill knife (the soup spoon union), raffles city.

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i was intrigued when i saw that soup spoon at raffles city has expanded to become the soup spoon union, which included several other concepts like the salad fork, the grill knife and the handburger. the variety sounded pretty interesting, reminding me of the recently popular high-end food court concept. plus, i've always liked the soup spoon, so i came by for lunch after the gym. stood there for a while, looking through their menu, and it was the grill knife that i decided upon.

ordering for all the different brands were at the same counter, so i guess that makes ordering easy. i ordered, paid at the counter, and was given a buzzer. thought at first that i'd have to go get my own food, but the buzzer was actually for them to find me and serve the food. i got the 100% nz grass fed ribeye steak (180g) which came with a side ($15.80); also decided to add on a small chicken ragout soup ($4.50). initially wanted the ribeye steak combo ($19.80) which would come with additional chicken, but i decided not to be greedy. from the sides, the cauliflower rice with quinoa and edamame was the one that caught my attention.

i loved the ribeye. it came perfectly medium rare, just as i'd requested. it was juicy and full of flavour- i savoured each bite. the cauliflower rice was good as well, though initially i was surprised that it was served cold. it was a stark contrast to the sizzling hot steak, and i was expecting a hot side. i got used to it, though, and it grew on me. loved the al dente bite of the cauliflower rice combined with the pops of sweetness from the bits of fruit (?). it made me rethink how i could possibly make cauliflower rice; i'll probably try to recreate it at home. 

together with the soup, it made for a good lunch. i find prices to be on the high side, though there was no service charge. would've liked to have more of each item for the price- perhaps i should've gone for the ribeye combo, after all.

the soup spoon union
raffles city

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