nunsaram korean dessert café, orchard central.

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not much of an ambience to speak of- located just at a open space right outside some retail shops, and simply decorated. if i'm not wrong, i think that space used to be fruit paradise- i remember eating there several years ago (and not liking it much).

we were there after an early dinner, so the place wasn't that crowded. quickly decided on the injeolmi ($12.90). self service only- order at the counter, and collect it at the pick up counter. water was provided, self service as well. we barely had to wait- we'd just placed our orders and were expecting to wait for a while, but our bingsu was ready for collection very quickly.

came with a variety of nuts- cashews, almond flakes and almonds. yum! it was dusted with a generous layer of soybean powder as well. also loved the big mochi pieces on top (i'm just a sucker for mochi) and the hidden mochi bits. excellent variety of textures, though i would've loved more mochi (yeah, i'm just a sucker for mochi). based on that alone, i would still pick bing go jung as my favourite. but still, this comes a close second (and at a more central location to boot). definitely better than nunsongyee, at any rate.

nunsaram korean dessert café
orchard central

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