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i was tempted into going to epicurious because of the voucher they were offering on groupon ($24 for $40 worth of food seemed like a good deal). finally made my way over with J on a weekday afternoon. it was pretty late for lunch by the time we reached, so the place was almost empty. i zeroed in on the steak and mushroom don ($20.60) almost immediately, because golden poached egg - how good does that sound?! J decided on the ratatouille omelette ($15.60). while placing my order, i was told that they were out of the golden poached egg (WHAT?!) and they'd replace it with a regular poached egg instead, if i was okay with it. i should've taken it as a warning and changed my order, but i went ahead anyway.

disappointingly enough, my poached egg was already obviously broken when my bowl came. part of the joy of eating a poached egg is about breaking it apart on your own, and they'd robbed me of that joy. i discovered that the egg yolk had already leaked out onto the rice below, leaving just the egg white. meh, not impressed. to add insult to injury, the steak was not the medium rare i'd requested- overdone and tough to chew at some parts. 

the accompanying sides were actually pretty good. i liked the sautéed mushrooms, beetroot, the mixed red and white rice, the fact that they'd added fried ginger (which was a nice touch) and even the soy truffle hollandaise, so that made up for it a little. 

i tried a bit of J's ratatouille omelette. sounded good on paper, but it tasted quite average.

the fact that they'd broken the poached egg and still served it is a deal breaker. it makes me feel that they're sloppy and can't be bothered. so yeah, not coming back, even with a groupon discount. 

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