wild honey, scotts square.

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wild honey's almost an institution for brunch in singapore, but strangely enough, i've never been until december last year. it seemed way too overpriced and overhyped for what it was serving, so i dismissed it. motivated by chope's voucher sale, i finally decided to go, with J (one of the few people i know who likes brunch for dinner as much as i do, if not more) in tow.

it was hard to decide what to have- i wanted the spinach hash ($24), boulevard st. michel ($24) and scadinavian ($28) almost equally much. after some pingpong-ing around, i decided on the boulevard st, michel, since it was something i'd never seen on other brunch menus.

our food came after a brief wait, at almost the same time, which is always a bonus. the menu had described mine as a savoury french toast (which was the thing that tempted me) but it was more like a regular slice of brioche. still, i liked my food; in particular the double baked cheese and spinach soufflé, which was quite unlike any other soufflés i've ever had, in that it was more dense (in a good way). the parmesan crumbed poached egg was also perfectly cooked (i wanted another!). everything in the dish worked together, which was why i enjoyed it so much.

when the dish first arrived, it looked small, but it packed a punch, portion-wise. i was surprisingly stuffed at the end of the meal. didn't manage to finish the french toast, actually.

with the voucher, i think we paid about $10 per person, which made it an excellent deal. still, food was good enough that i'd consider coming back at regular prices.

wild honey
scotts square

reading menus is one of my hobbies.


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