fynn's, south beach.

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we actually visited fynn's when they'd first opened in december last year, so this is slightly backdated. wanted somewhere quiet to have a christmas eve dinner, away from the buzz of orchard, and south beach seemed like the perfect locale. didn't bother making any reservations, but got a table for four pretty easily, as the café was buzzing but not packed.

i zeroed in on the grilled chicken bowl ($19.50) almost immediately (kind of helped that it was in bold on the menu too). it sounded like it came accompanied with a variety of different vegetables, which was exactly my kind of thing. the menu described it as grilled chicken, fried wild rice (!), edamame, snow peas, egg and pickled vegetables; upon seeing the egg, S decided to change her order to the chicken as well.

the food took a while to be served, but it was well worth the wait. mine came prettily presented in a porcelain bowl. i was surprised, however, to note that what they actually meant when they said fried wild rice... was that all the vegetables and egg would be combined with the wild rice and fried together, much like a regular fried rice. the grilled chicken and pickled vegetables were served atop the rice. S and i were honestly envisioning a separate sunny side up- perhaps the menu could've been clearer. that being said, i really enjoyed the bowl. the fried wild rice actually had wok hei, and maybe because they'd used wild rice instead of regular rice, the grains were pearly and separate- exactly how i like my rice to be. bonus: they were generous with the rice.

the grilled chicken was pretty good too, with a thin, crispy skin that was slightly charred from the grill- yum! i basically liked every component of the dish, right down to the pickled vegetables that added a pop of acidity to the bowl.

it was a pretty good meal, all in all. i did spy on my friends' food but found that portions for the other mains weren't quite as generous as for the grilled chicken bowl, though. however, no complaints from them regarding the food, so i assume all was well. i'd come back for the wild rice.

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