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it was rare that both R and C were free for lunch on a weekday afternoon (usually only *i* am available for such leisurely activities), so we took the chance to meet. i happened to be in the lavender area, which is chock full of cafés, so i suggested we meet there for lunch. decided on vxx cooperative as i was intrigued by instagram posts.

the place was super hipster- narrow doorway (i could barely get through it with my bag), tiny rickety stools... which was why we took a while to pick seats. in the end, we discovered a long table at the back under a skylight (kind of reminded me of dutch colony over at frankel avenue) and settled down there.

the small breakfast plates (tapas?) sounded quite intriguing (i was sold at potato hash + onsen egg). the breakfast plates went for about $7-$8 individually, but they also offered it at 3 for $20. i really wanted a main, too, though... so... we decided to get a breakfast plate and a main each. i think the waitress who took our order was impressed.

our food took quite a while to come, actually. we got a bit antsy. my beef chorizo/potato hash/honey-roasted tomatoes ($7 on its own) was the first to arrive on the table. we were initially waiting for the rest of the plates, figuring that they would appear sooner or later, but we got a bit impatient (and hungry) and started eating bits of it. the hash was pretty good, actually! simple, but flavourful.

R's salmon scrambled eggs/croissant ($8) came a little after mine, and it was impressive looking. i stole (more than a few) bites of it, and liked how the creamy the scrambled eggs were. yum! R really wanted a photo of her breakfast plate and her main together, though, so we waited around for what seemed like ages (i was almost done with my beef chorizo) before it finally appeared. by then the scrambled eggs were cold, but okay, still pretty good it has to be said.

C got the portobello burger/cheddar cheese/roma tomatoes/kale chips/house dressing ($8) as her breakfast plate. it was really tapas sized compared to R's and my plates- it was more of a slider than a burger. i tried a bite and found it alright, but not as impressive as the rest of our plates. and also, now that i look back at the menu, what kale chips? hmm.

as mentioned, we waited for what seemed like forever before our mains were served. we were assuming that everything was going to be served at the same time, but they were probably waiting for us to finish up our plates before serving our mains. i think they realised after a while that we were waiting for our mains, but we probably still waited close to half an hour before they were served. that was probably the only thing that marred the experience- i hate it when i have to wait ages for food. thank goodness, then, the service was pretty good and the food was, too.

my cauliflower couscous/stewed chicken/pomegranate seeds & zucchini ($13) was light and clean tasting. interestingly enough the stewed chicken was buried underneath the cauliflower couscous- i had to go digging to find it. can't really make up my mind whether i liked the dish or not. it was clean eating, and i'm always fond of that, but it was just a little too bland for my liking.

of course, i also stole bits of C's mac & cheese ($14) which came with mixed mushrooms, chicken chunks and... crispy chicken skin! the portion looked small, but it packed a punch; probably because of the cheese. i was particularly enamoured with the chicken skin. mm.

R's sloppy joe on toast/mozzarella/mixed mushrooms ($13) arrived the last. it was a hearty portion, what with all the bread and cheese.

the food was pretty good and pricing was decent as well. it was nice to spend an afternoon there just chatting. i'd probably return for the breakfast plates (particularly the salmon scrambled eggs) if i have some time to spare.

vxx cooperative
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