slake, swan lake avenue.

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i've wanted to try slake for the longest time, and now that they're finally open for lunch, i figured it was a good chance to try them out. i was startled by how empty the place was when i stepped in- i was the only person there throughout my meal (feels awkward).

the lunch menu was surprisingly affordable. most items were priced below $10, though it wasn't inclusive of gst. and because of how affordable everything was, i was tempted to get two items instead of just one, but i didn't want to seem like a glutton (even though i am), so i just got the angus roast beef & mixed olive grains ($11.90)- basically a fancy way of saying beef bowl. drink and dessert was available for an additional $5, but i'm not a dessert person. i was hoping they'd have soup as an add-on, though.

while waiting for my food, i looked around and realised they had a chalkboard with some off-menu items. the lime leaf chicken and waffle ($16) sounded pretty good, actually! that might be worth a try.

my beef bowl came just when i was starting to get a little antsy and hungry. the wait was completely worth it, though. the star was undoubtedly the perfectly cooked roast beef. there's always a risk of roast beef being dry and overcooked. i've had too many such versions that are a complete waste of calories but this was the polar opposite of those. for starters they'd cut the beef so it was in thick, small rectangular slices (kind of like how karubi is cut at bbq places). and thus, the ratio of meat to fat was perfect. the meat itself was also juicy, tender and flavoursome- so so good. they'd kept the accompanying sauce light and tangy, so the flavour of the meat really shone through.

the bowl also came with edamame, a spicy, almost kimchi-like onion thing, a perfect onsen egg and olive rice, which were good accompaniments to the beef. i found the rice to be a bit too overcooked for my liking though; i like my rice pearly. still, i wiped the bowl clean, and that's saying something given how i don't usually finish my rice.

the food was good, and i'm surprised the place wasn't packed. maybe because of the location...? still, i'm DEFINITELY going to be back to try more of their stuff.

15 swan lake avenue

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