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technically, it's not really on morse road, which was why J had some problems finding it at first. its location on google maps is accurate though, so i managed to track it down using my iphone. the place was so ulu that there were chickens (!) roaming around outside (which freaked J out totally).

it was a late weekday afternoon when we went. the place was quiet, so we snagged the large table meant for six in the corner without any sense of guilt (because i really wanted to lounge on the accompanying couch), even though the waitress showed us to a two-people table at first. well... the place was empty, anyway. as usual i scrutinised the menu for ages before finally settling on the salmon pancakes ($16)- there were just so many things i wanted to try from their menu that i couldn't make up my mind. J got a chicken salad ($13) and because i was we were feeling greedy, we also got the baked chicken stew ($17) to share.

strangely enough, the item that arrived first was my salmon pancakes, followed by the baked chicken stew. i would've thought that J's salad, needing the least prep time, would be the first to arrive on the table.

my salmon pancakes, while simple, was an enjoyable eat. it was basically a stack of three pancakes, paired with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and a salad on the side. i'm a sucker for savoury pancakes, so this was right up my alley. the pancakes themselves were on the thin side, but were fluffy enough. they provided maple syrup on the side, which was a nice touch, but i didn't need it. i was startled by the stingy portion of smoked salmon though- really? that little? i need my protein! but the creamy scrambled eggs made up for it. the salad came with pistachio nuts as a topping, but oddly enough, the pistachio was a little... stale. hmm. that being said, i still enjoyed the dish as a whole.

the baked chicken stew that we shared was good as well. the tomato based stew was tangy and flavoursome, and the chicken leg itself was tender and juicy. the stew also came with potatoes, mushrooms and spinach, which we hoovered up in no time. it came served with toast for dipping, but we left it untouched.

J's salad came a while after the chicken stew was served, but she was shocked by the shavings of cheese on the salad (she doesn't take cheese). the waitress was still around when she expressed her shock ("is that cheese?") but only answered yes and walked away. i was suggesting to J to just pick it out, but because it was shavings and they'd been generous with the shavings, it was quite impossible. J was asking me if the menu had described the salad as having cheese, because usually she would've asked for the cheese to be omitted. after checking, i realise that there was no mention of cheese on the salad at all in the menu. J thus wanted to return the salad, so she waved the waitress over. the waitress was, however, really black-faced and unapologetic about it- she even went to check the menu again. only after ascertaining that we were not lying to her, she replaced the salad with a non-cheese version.

the café doesn't charge for service, but i think service is still part of the experience. it was a nice meal, and food was good, but that marred the experience quite a bit. i'd still return though, just so i can try the baked eggs, but i'll take note to read the menu carefully.

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reading menus is one of my hobbies.