portico platos, timbre+.

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needed to meet a friend for lunch near her workplace; timbre+ seemed like the ideal location for the both of us, so we came over.

the place was buzzing, but we found seats pretty easily. prior to reaching i'd already decided on having portico platos, but of course, we still took a loop around the place to suss out the offerings. it seemed that the places with queues were the hawker stalls. in contrast, there was only one person ahead of me at portico platos.

i have a soft spot for paella, and they were offering it for really cheap for lunch, at just $6 (!). the paella flavour of the day was a curry chicken one, which sounded pretty interesting, so i went with that. they had an option to add extra chicken ($2) and roasted vegetables ($1.50). it was awesome that my bill came up to just $9.50. i waited around for a bit before i was served, and was pleasantly surprised by the generous portions. for the price, i would say it's excellent value for money.

of course, for the price, i wasn't expecting much. but... i was still expecting the food to be at least hot. is that too much to ask for? that aside, the paella actually tasted quite good. the rice was flavoursome, though i wouldn't really be able to tell it's curry if i hadn't been the one ordering it. the chicken was cooked really well- tender and juicy. for an extra $2, it was really worth it. the wedge of lemon served alongside helped to cut through the grease (the rice was a little on the oily side), though i still didn't manage to finish all the rice.

i liked the food, and would probably return for it, BUT i'd make sure to request for it to be warm.

portico platos

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