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i really wanted to like this place. i happened to walk by, took a look at the menu and liked what i saw, so i suggested that we head over for dinner later that week.

C and i got the honey spiced chicken ($18) to share, since it was supposed to be their signature item. the menu stated that it serves two, but i we were greedy and ordered beef rump ($38) as well, since it was just 250g. the caramelised broccoli with sea salt ($4) sounded tempting as well, so i ordered it. R decided on the 400g US prime ribeye ($55).

i knew they were new; perhaps about two weeks old when we went for dinner, but it didn't occur to me that it would be a concern. well... right up until after we placed our orders and... kept waiting for our food. when we were placing our orders, the waitress informed us that the chicken would take about 20-25 minutes, which was fair enough.

but does steak really take that long? it took about half an hour before our steaks were served- we were antsy and irritable by then. it didn't help that the steaks arrived way overcooked. we'd ordered it medium rare, but it came well done. when i cut into the beef rump, there was no hint of pink in it at all- i couldn't even close one eye and classify it as medium; it was well done. we were joking that the reason why it came well done was because they took half an hour to serve it (who takes HALF AN HOUR to cook steak?!). of course, we returned the steaks- i, having lost my confidence, decided to just cut our losses and cancel the beef rump, while R decided to just stick to it.

the chicken arrived a while after we returned the steaks. i have to say that the chicken was pretty good... at least until we cut close to the bone and realised that it was slightly bloody on the inside, which meant that certain parts of it couldn't be eaten. we didn't return it because that would mean another wait, and we were ready to leave (cut our losses and have pancakes next door).

the sides (sautéed mushrooms and mashed potato) accompanying the chicken were alright. didn't quite get why they served the chicken with lemon cream on the side though- i tried a bit and left it largely untouched. the broccoli that i was excited about came slightly later, and... what caramelised?! it looked (and tasted) like it'd been boiled and sautéed in a pan after- the only hint of caramelisation was perhaps at the bottom of the broccoli, which was slightly blackened. no photos because i was annoyed. i felt like i'd been lied to.

R's second ribeye finally arrived at the table probably forty-five minutes after we placed our first order. this time, it was medium rare, though slightly unevenly so. i took a little bit but couldn't quite understand why they'd priced it at $55. i mean, it was an okay steak, but it was way too expensive for what it was. lucky the truffle fries that came with it was passable.

as i said, i really wanted to like the place, but they made it hard. for one, service was spotty as well. the waitstaff were harried even though the place wasn't that packed; rushing around but not really getting anything done. we had to wave several times just to get their attention, and even when we managed to get their attention, they were dismissive. well- save for the manager, who we gave feedback to at the end of the meal. they didn't charge us for the chicken in the end, which was a good save on their part, but i would've gladly paid for it if it meant we could have a good meal. they really have quite a few kinks to work out in their kitchen as well as service. until then, i doubt i'll make a trip back; i'd much rather have pancakes next door.

city square

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