tiong bahru bakery, raffles city.

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admittedly i've never been a big fan of tiong bahru bakery (or even eaten their pastries enough to be a fan), but their new hot eats menu, only available at the raffles city branch, sounded interesting. (basically any place that offers an intriguing spin on brunch staples catches my attention.)

went over with J for a saturday night dinner, and was happy to note that there were tables readily available. i pondered over the menu for a bit; the waiter came over wanting to take our orders, and i was still not ready. the breakfast pancake burger ($18), savoury bread pudding ($16) and polenta pop ($16) were all vying for my attention, but in the end i saw that they had a chicken and roasted cauliflower salad ($16)- that sealed the deal. i'm a sucker for roasted cauliflower.

it's rare to have someone who likes salad just as much as i do, and who also orders it in the exact same way. we both got the salad and requested for dressing on the side. interestingly enough, when our salads came, we were served not one dressing, but two. the menu had stated that it was a creamy tahini dressing, so the first container held tahini (which was pasty and not at all dressing-like in consistency), while the other tasted like honey mustard. i ended up mixing up the two (not sure if it was meant to be like that) but it made a pretty good dressing.

what i was slightly peeved about was that the portion of cauliflower and chicken- they really could've been more generous. it was a good thing that we'd snacked on some tamagoyaki over at koki earlier, so i wasn't that hungry. still, i did quite like the salad, which came with sprinkles of middle eastern spices- they'd put some thought into its construction.

i had some serious food envy looking over at the neighbouring table, who'd ordered the polenta pop and breakfast pancake burger. so yes, i'd come back to soothe the food envy, but i doubt i'll get the salad again.

tiong bahru bakery
raffles city

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