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went over to wild market again at shaw tower for a saturday night dinner with a couple of friends. the place was definitely more crowded than when i was last there with C, but we managed to get a table without much fuss.

i remembered having food envy seeing what people got when they ordered at barnyard servery, so without much hesitation i decided to order. it was a tossup between the honey baked chicken ($12.90) and the sea bass ($14.90), but i was hungry and the chicken sounded like it would be more substantial, so that was what i got. they have two versions of the honey baked chicken, a regular one and a ladies one at $10.90. i'd already decided to have the regular version, but i was curious as to what the difference was, so i asked. apparently, the regular portion came with two pieces of boneless chicken thigh, while the ladies' came with one. for an additional $2, it sounded like an excellent deal.

they meant it when they said two pieces. each piece was a sizeable portion as well (a regular person would probably just be full having one piece but well... i am not a regular person). i cleaned everything up, but my friend who also ordered the same thing donated an entire piece to another friend.

the chicken thigh was good. it was juicy and tender, and the skin was even slightly crispy at the edges even though it wasn't fried. the sides (mashed potato and a salad) were simple but yummy. best of all, they weren't shy about ladling out the portions. i was super full and satisfied, and that's saying a lot.

given how much i liked the food, it's safe to say that i'll be back to try more of their stuff.

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