crackerjack, tanjong pagar.

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the scotch egg was what put crackerjack on my radar, but upon walking in and seeing their menu, i got a teeny bit distracted by the other items. and because ordering was done at the counter, which was placed right at the entrance, i stood there for quite a while, trying to make up my mind- chicken or egg? 

in the end, the lentil mushroom scotch egg ($18) won out. i made my order and paid at the cashier. no service charge, but they still brought the food over to me.

once i saw the scotch egg on another table, i knew i'd made the correct choice. the yolk was gloriously runny- and so was mine, when mine was served. all the other scotch eggs i've had were meat-based versions, so it was refreshing to have a vegetarian one this time. i'm totally a meat person, and all my meals revolve around meat-based protein, but i was surprised to note that i didn't miss meat at all. the lentil-mushroom coating around the egg was tasty and surprisingly filling. i hate it when lentils are cooked till they've become mushy, but there was no such issue with this one, which was perfectly al dente. the scotch egg's crust was a thin, golden crisp- just enough to give a textural contrast to the other components. best of all, it wasn't greasy, and i could almost pretend i wasn't eating something fried.

the scotch egg came presented on a bed of mixed greens, which added a pop of freshness to the dish, balancing everything out. it also came with preserved lemon hummus and flatbread. when i saw flatbread on the menu, i was already envisioning something dense and heavy. that was what almost steered me to ordering the chicken instead. glad i stuck to the scotch egg, because the flatbread was light and crisp- the perfect vehicle for the hummus. i hoovered everything up (and even wished for more of the flatbread).

the meal even came with a cookie, which was a nice touch. i was determined not to eat it, because self control; besides which i'm not a cookie person. i took a bite anyway, since they'd already served it- and then found myself eating the entire thing.

crackerjack might've just opened, but i found myself impressed by how much care and thought they'd put into the food. when they said a balanced meal on their lunch menu, they really meant it. i'm definitely coming back.

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