curious palette, prinsep street.

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i've been meaning to go to curious palette for ages it seems; and then it got struck off my to-try list when someone told me that it was quite meh. and then i saw that they had scotch eggs on their brunch menu- that sealed the deal for me. i'm a sucker for scotch eggs. sadly, the scotch egg only exists on their brunch menu, which happens to be not all-day, so it's been hard to head there to eat it. i finally got my chance when L suggested meeting for brunch on a friday morning- away from the weekend crowd!

the drizzle made the walk from the train station seem to be quite a long one; it also made us doubly glad to finally reach the café. it was my first time there, so i was surprised to note that it was spacious inside despite the nondescript shopfront. it being a rainy friday morning, there were only a few other tables occupied, and we got our pick of tables.

upon being handed the menu, i zeroed in on the corned beef scotch egg ($18.50) straightaway. L was more indecisive, but eventually went with the house citrus-cured ocean trout ($18.90). i was tempted by the gammon ham and cheese croquettes in L's main, saw that it was offered as a add-on for just $2.50, so of course i went for it.

i was expecting to have to wait for our food for a while, as is the case with most cafés, but was pleasantly surprised when our food got served promptly.

the first thing i ate off my plate was the gammon ham and cheese croquette- it oozed cheese the moment i cut into it. best of all, it was piping hot, super crisp and yet, not greasy. i was expecting only one croquette, but i was surprised with two. it was a good start to the meal.

my scotch egg came with the requisite gloriously runny yolk. i found the corned beef to be leaning towards the salty side- i preferred crackerjack's vegetarian version of scotch egg in comparison. still, a scotch egg is a scotch egg, and curious palette's wasn't too shabby. the accompanying sides were really pretty interesting, though- green mango salsa, grilled brussels sprouts, cauliflower cous cous as well as guacamole. not sure how they worked together as a whole, especially the guacamole; they seemed more like separate entities. that being said, the sides were enjoyable separately eaten- i especially liked the tangy green mango salsa.

L's house citrus-cured ocean trout also suffered the same somewhat schizophrenic fate. hers came with the croquettes, poached egg, cauliflower hummus and lemon-infused yogurt, which sounds okay on paper, but in actuality, they didn't seem to come together as a whole, though the separate elements, like mine, were good. L was commenting that she didn't know how to eat the poached egg, since there weren't any other things to match with it.

despite the somewhat haphazard throwing together of sides, i really quite enjoyed the meal. spied another table having the hand-pulled pork on sourdough, which looked really tempting as well. i'm definitely coming back for their other brunch items.

curious palette
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