the bravery, horne road.

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i got tempted into buying a groupon for the bravery, reasoning that since it's been around for quite a number of years, the food would be alright.

the shopfront was so nondescript that i walked right past it, before doing a double take. the café was quiet, with only two other tables occupied (both its occupants doing work on laptops). we grabbed menus and pondered over it for a bit. there weren't many choices for mains, especially when items like pizzas and pastas are eliminated. i went with a steak ($19.90) that came with peppercorn sauce and roasted vegetables; J, of course, went with scrambled eggs on toast ($8), adding on mushrooms and smoked salmon. we wanted to share the S.A.M. salad, but upon ordering, we were told that they were out (!) because the supplier hadn't been in yet (!!). hmph, okay. ended up ordering an additional set of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon (without toast) to share, to make up the cost of the voucher.

our food was served shortly after we ordered. surprisingly enough, my steak actually came first. and while it wasn't of the best quality, it was reasonably tender and actually cooked to the requested medium rare. the steak had been laid on a bed of roasted vegetables, mainly made up of red and green peppers and a whole load of garlic (which i proceeded to pick out). i actually quite liked the accompanying peppercorn sauce- i found myself dipping my steak into it. that in itself wouldn't have been a complete meal though- for the price, there just seemed to be something missing. i guess it was good that we'd ordered an extra set of eggs and salmon to share, else i would've been hungry.

the scrambled eggs were really quite ordinary- nothing like the creamy, buttery ones i've come to expect from cafés.

so while i didn't have much to complain about regarding the food, i didn't have much to commend as well. it was all pretty average, and i wouldn't bother making a special trip down if not for the groupon. without the groupon, the prices would be on par with other cafés, and honestly, i've had much better café fare elsewhere. nah, just not my kind of café.

the bravery
66 horne road

reading menus is one of my hobbies.