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i was uncharacteristically confused about what to eat that night- i wanted all-day brunch, but we were both lazy to move far from orchard. J suggested trying privé, and while i wasn't too excited by the menu, i didn't mind giving it a try since it was nearby.

i was surprised by how wallet-friendly their menu is, compared to the other privé outlets. most mains were below $20. they do also offer all-day breakfast items, but... up till 5 p.m. (how is it all-day if it's up till 5 p.m.?) and so, i got the braised lamb shank ($18) off the mains menu instead.

i wasn't expecting much, so i was surprised by how much i ended up liking my food. they'd braised the lamb shank till it was fall-off-the-bone tender; i barely had to prod it with my fork to get it to come off the bone. i found myself really liking the rosemary sauce as well- i mopped it up with the lamb shank and the accompanying mash. even the carrots were cooked till they were tender, going well with the entire dish. now that i look back at the menu, it had mentioned balsamic onions, but i don't remember seeing any sign of it. hmm. 

portions were generous as well. i was decently full after my food. one thing, though, was the service. not sure if it was because they're new... J wanted to know if the peppermint tea was caffeine-free, but the waitress misunderstood her question, so J ended up not ordering it after all. the wait for food was also pretty long. plus... after we'd passed them a credit card for the bill, our bill took what seemed like forever to process. we were wondering what happened to it, and even had to go to the extent of waving the waitress over to ask. it turned out that the bill was just sitting on the counter waiting for someone to process it- but no one was doing it, and they only got around to doing it after we asked.

aside from the strange service, i quite enjoyed our experience there. even J's baked halibut in parchment ($19) was good, too. might be worth coming back.

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