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every time we make a trip here for brunch, i end up having the duck confit hash, because it's the item that tempts me the most off the brunch menu. this time, however, i was forced to not have it, because they didn't have any of the duck items. one good thing about their service, however, was that the waitress actually bothered to tell me even before i'd placed my order, saving me the hassle of rethinking. after some consideration, i settled for the steak & eggs ($19.90).

strangely enough, they didn't ask me for the doneness of my steak- that in itself should've been an indication. i only remembered after we'd placed our orders, so i went back to the counter to tell them that i wanted mine medium-rare. i was told that they do the steak medium-rare by default. hmm.

we waited a while for our food. mine came exactly as i'd ordered- they'd separated all the sauces like i'd asked. the only thing... was the steak was way overdone. i took a bite and pondered whether i should return it; i did in the end because it was way too tough. they were nice enough to replace it without much fuss. the second one was much better, though leaning towards the rare side. one thing though- they'd barely salted it, and i had to go grab a salt shaker.

note to self: steak is definitely not their strong suit. the accompaniments were thankfully really good, especially the potatoes which had been roasted till they were golden. the skin was deliciously salty and crisp, while the inside was fluffy. best of all, they were all piping hot. it was supposed to be topped with sour cream, but i found myself dipping it into the creamy chive hollandaise instead. perfection. i didn't expect the plate to come with a slice of sourdough, since it wasn't stated in the menu. not complaining though, because the sourdough was pretty good.

definitely prefer the duck confit hash, even though the roasted potatoes tip the scale slightly.

pacamara boutique coffee roasters
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