two bakers, horne road.

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finally got to try two bakers- i've been meaning to for quite some time. was in the area, so we popped by. just in time, too, as they close early on mondays.

i was meaning to try their ondeh ondeh éclair, because 1. i love éclairs and 2. i love ondeh ondeh. sadly, though, it wasn't in the display case, and when we enquired about it, we were told that it'd been replaced by the chendol éclair.

since they were closing, they only had a limited number of bakes available. in fact, most items were out. but we were lucky- there was still one chendol éclair ($7.50) left! so we got that, and on the staff's recommendation, also got the last lemon tart ($7.50).

the chendol éclair was filled with coconut mascarpone cream, pandan jelly and gula melaka gel. the combination of flavours really reminded me of chendol. i loved the filling, but not so much the choux pastry, which wasn't as crisp or fragrant as i'd have liked.

the lemon tart was delicious as well. the pie shell itself was buttery yet light, breaking once my spoon cut into it. the lemon filling itself was delicious as well- oozy and tangy. i'm usually not a fan of sour desserts, but i enjoyed the lemon tart.

so glad i finally managed to try their bakes! will be back for more of their desserts.

two bakers
88 horne road

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