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came by on a whim- knew about this place and was on my to-try list, but had shoved it to the back of my mind, until that day. after trying it, all i can say is, WHY DIDN'T I COME BY SOONER?!

it was a tiny place, mostly taken up by the serving counter, with only two small tables by the side. i was alone, so getting a seat wasn't that much of a hassle, though i had to share.

it's the kind of concept that's popular now (and i have to admit that i'm a fan). it was salad-bar-esque- choice of salad, wrap or bowl, then pick carbs, protein and toppings. i got the bowl, along with cilantro lime rice. wanted the chicken, but the beef was so tempting that i decided to get it too, so my bowl cost $11 ($7.50 for just chicken, $9 for beef alone).

there was a variety of toppings- so many that i hardly had any idea what i should pick. good thing, then, that the toppings were unlimited- i could pick whatever i wanted, so... i just got everything, except for some sort of pickled onion (looked interesting, but i'm really really don't like onion).

managed to snag a seat at one of the two tables, and so i tucked in. the bowl was hearty in not just portion, but also flavour. the toppings were quite different from the usual salad bar fare- kimchi, seaweed, beansprouts, salsa, as well as salsa verde, with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. didn't actually need the salsa verde, given that the entire bowl was already jam packed with flavour from the different elements.

the proteins that i got were good too, though i preferred the beef by far- thinly sliced, well marinated and tender (glad i was greedy). portions were generous even with the protein. i found myself having beef/chicken with every bite, and even ended up with just beef in my bowl towards the end. 

i left feeling stuffed, happy with my food, and planning a return trip in the coming week. will absolutely be back to try their other offerings, perhaps the kimchi rice next. 

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