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swung by for a... post-gym snack (not quite sure what to call it, given that i'd eaten breakfast, and it was definitely not lunch). i had been tempted by seeing instagram posts of their polenta egg rancheros ($8) which was only available for breakfast- wish they would do it for lunch! the roasted pork brown rice porridge from their breakfast menu tempts me too.

service was quick, rather like lunch. everything was already prepared and on the counter, so it was just a matter of putting it together. thankfully it was pretty empty during breakfast- i could envision myself having a leisurely breakfast there.

it came with two boiled eggs, with a dab of guacamole, on top of polenta cakes, with a generous side of mixed bean pico de gallo (which i think also comes as a side for their lunch bowls). also had a small serving of greens on the side. it's a pretty good post-gym meal, actually- full of protein.

i cut into the first egg, envisioning it to be runny, but was sorely disappointed. it was more like a hard boiled egg than one with a runny center. the other egg fared better, with a runny, half molten yolk than ran onto the polenta cakes. also wished they'd been more generous with the guacamole. there was so little of it that i could barely taste it. still, it was a pretty good meal, with a delicious combination of flavours.

will be back for their breakfast offerings- much prefer it to their lunch, given the price point. too bad they only offer breakfast till ten-thirty. will make an effort to swing by to try the brown rice porridge.

grain traders
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