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wanted some dessert after dinner, so we came by. had to queue for about fifteen minutes before getting a table.

spent some time deciding what cake to get. initially we only wanted to share one slice, but then got tempted by all the cakes that were available, so ended up deciding to get two to share instead. of course we had to have a crêpe cake- it was lady m, after all. the other choice was harder. it was a tossup between the gâteau aux marrons and banana mille feuille, which both looked interesting.
chose the chocolate mille crêpe ($9) and the banana mille feuille ($8.50) in the end.

the chocolate mille crêpe was awesome- fully understand why they're famous for their crêpe cakes. the first chocolate crêpe cake that i liked is from awfully chocolate, but this version is quite different from awfully chocolate's. this was creamier and smoother. still like awfully chocolate's, though- i guess it depends on which kind of texture i'm craving for. both are around the same price, but lady m has the added bonus of having the option of dining in, in a gorgeous space to boot.

the banana mille feuille was not as impressive. too much cream, though the cream was delicious. would've liked to have more sponge and banana instead of cream. the sponge was fluffy and awesome- found myself digging for it. probably just not my kind of thing, since i'm more of a cake than cream person.

already planning a return trip, to try more of their cakes! especially want to try the checkers, since i've tasted their sponge and know that it's good.

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