aroy dee thai kitchen, middle road.

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my sister had had lunch there previously and was pretty satisfied with the food, so it was on her recommendation that we went. still, even though my sister had recommended it, i was still surprised by how good all the dishes were. usually when we order a variety of dishes to share, i tend to have a favourite. this time, however, i was hard pressed to find a favourite dish, simply because all the dishes were of reasonably high standards.

we got the papaya salad ($7), pineapple fried rice with chicken floss ($6.50) and of course, pad thai ($6.50).

also got the green curry chicken ($10) and soft shell crab in thai curry ($15).

we ordered the smallest size for each of the dishes, but the portions were substantial. liked how they were generous with ingredients even in the carb-centric dishes like the pad thai and fried rice- i found several juicy prawns and squid in the pad thai. pretty generous for $6.50, i think. even in the green curry they didn't skimp on the chicken pieces.

flavours were spot on. my mum commented, though, that since the flavours were so heavy we probably should've just gone with white rice, especially to pair with the green curry. (in fact we did order a small portion of rice to go with the dishes.) but... i think of the fragrance of the pineapple fried rice and peanutty goodness of the pad thai... and i don't think i can give that up.

might be worth coming by for their lunch sets! prices were reasonable for dinner, but only in a party of four and above, i think. with fewer people than that i think it'd be hard to share dishes. no service charge, so for four people we paid less than $50. would come by for a group dinner again- good food, and reasonably priced.

aroy dee thai kitchen
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