sushi on wheelz, city link.

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was walking through city link mall on our way to dinner, and chanced upon this new place. really, it's more of a takeaway kiosk than anything else, but they do have quite a variety of items, including oden and of course, sushi.

what caught our attention, though, was the salmon mentaiko waffurger- because waffle!!! and salmon!!! and mentaiko!!! i was hungry, so i was tempted to get it, but logic prevailed (we were on our way to dinner, after all). then L saw that they had mochi lollipops (!) and we were sold.

both savoury and sweet mochi lollipops were available, and they had a special promotion with 3 mochi lollipops going for $5. the catch, though, was that it was only for the $2 ones. the one we wanted, salmon mentaiko, happened to be a $3 one, so instead of getting one each we settled for sharing. (they should really do an offer for the $3 ones, too.)

the mochi lollipop came toasty and hot, with actual salmon on top and a generous squiggle of mentaiko mayo. L was surprised that they actually did give salmon slices (but for $3 i would think they should).

the base was basically mochi that had been toasted in a waffle iron, so it was soft and gummy. the salmon and mentaiko mayo had been aburi-ed, so it was a given that it was delicious. in all, it was a pretty good snack, got to remember to come back for the waffurger.

sushi on wheelz
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