super dario lasagne café, city square mall.

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we're at city square mall every week, and finding food to eat there has become some sort of a challenge. as with most malls, most things there are chain restaurants, and i generally don't take to chain restaurants, which leaves us with limited options. also, dinnertime for us is kind of late, which limits our options even further, since most restaurants there close at nine.

decided to try the lasagne that night, because the smell of baked cheese tempted us as we were coming down the escalator.

in the display case there were rows and rows of different lasagnes- not good for indecisive people like us. but on closer inspection it was just different variations on the same theme, and we quickly decided on the super dario plus ($9), which was beef and mushroom.

felt slightly guilty from the amount of sweet calories that we'd consumed during tea time, so we shared one. turned out to be a good decision, because it was actually quite a sizeable piece. don't think i'd be able to eat one by myself, actually, unless i'm ravenous.

after a short wait, it came piping hot, which is the way all lasagnes should be. no service charge, but they served it to us and even asked if we needed sharing plates and chili flakes.

it's hard to go wrong with lasagne, because: CHEESE and meat. so of course i liked it well enough. the ratio of cheese, pasta, meat and sauce was also just right, making it not too overwhelming. that being said, while it was tasty, i didn't like the gristly bits in the beef- don't like gristle, unless it's in tsukune. that was probably the only minus.

will probably be back to try their other offerings. my friend seemed quite drawn to their tiramisu, so probably that next time.

super dario lasagne café
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