face to face noodle house, city square.

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to be perfectly honest, the thing that drew us in to try this (aside from the fact that it's newly opened and really, city square mall does not leave us with too many options) was their opening promotion. they were having 50% off all mains on the menu.

it was nine-ish on a monday night when we stepped in, which was probably why it was so quiet, but still, it was not confidence inspiring. decided to go ahead and try anyway- with the 50% promotion factored in, prices were comfortable.

it was simple to order. grab a seat, order and pay at the cashier, then wait for your number on the receipt to be called.

i tried the signature soup pan mee (originally $8.90). choice of flat or round noodle- of course i got the flat one, given my preference for linguine over spaghetti. came with minced meat and an onsen egg, with fried anchovies on the side.

the soup itself was pretty good- warm, comforting, and flavourful. also liked how the noodles were cooked al dente (i hate soft, overcooked noodles) and there was a bite to it. the fried anchovies also added a savoury crunch. with it being served on the side, it meant that i could add it to the soup whenever i wanted, and it wouldn't get overly soggy. the egg was also well cooked.

i found that they could've been more generous with the other ingredients, though, for a $8.90 pan mee. while pan mee is basically a carb dish, they could've given more of the minced meat to make it a more complete meal. or maybe i'm just a more protein-based rather than carb-based eater.

without the opening promo, not sure if i'll be back. sure, it was a passable bowl of noodles, with better than average noodles, but for $8.90? questionable.

face to face noodle house
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