enbu 炎舞, suntec city, 2.0.

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came by the first time and was less than impressed by their yuzu chirashi. decided to give them another chance because i had a sugar voucher for the tsukune with onsen egg, so i came by for their lunch.

got one of the lunch sets- the tori warayaki don ($15), which came with miso soup.

they are supposedly famous for their warayaki. the chicken came quite well cooked, tender and moist, slathered in a spicy-sweet, sticky sauce. what i didn't like, though, was the rice. it was way too wet, making it a weird combination with the chicken.

the tsukune came a while later. that alone was worth the visit. the tsukune was topped with a wobbly onsen egg and saffron threads, with spring onions at the side. it also came with a soy-based sauce, which went really well with the egg.

the egg yolk was glorious and runny, flowing the moment i cut into it. the whole combination worked really well together. portion wasn't stingy as well- it was a well-sized patty.

it was a rather pleasant meal- a step up from my previous experience. will be back for the tsukune with onsen egg. yum!

enbu 炎舞
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