park bench deli, telok ayer.

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the list of places i want to try is constantly growing, so i'm always glad whenever i can cross one out. park bench deli is one of those places. finally tried them out for lunch. came after the lunch rush, at about two plus, so it was fairly quiet and i managed to snag a seat with ease. got the one near the door, which afforded me much privacy (as well as the opportunity to people watch).

they had quite a number of sandwiches on offer, but the one that caught my eye was the pastrami ($17). mainly because it had a variety of different ingredients, not just meat. it came with smoked pastrami, sautéed bell peppers and onions, pimento cheese, pickles and their sauce. liked that they constructed the sandwich on order, which meant that my food was piping hot (but also that i had to wait a while for my food- i was hungry).

the sandwich was served already cut in half, which was good, because it made eating easier. still messy though, because of how they'd stuffed the sandwich with lots of ingredients, but not complaining because it was awesome. these guys really know how to make a sandwich.

the combination worked. salty, savoury kick from the pastrami and stretchy cheeeeseeee, combined with the tang of the pickles, along with the sweetness of the sautéed bell peppers and onions... it was my kind of sandwich. the ratio of bread to ingredients was also just right. found myself wolfing it down, and wishing there was more.

pricing is on the steep side, so it's hard to justify coming by often. but... i can see myself getting cravings for the pastrami sandwich.

park bench deli
179 telok ayer street

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