perth: toastface grillah, barrack street.

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went to perth during the national day holiday, and even though there were some screw ups with the flight (*cough* SCOOT *cough*), it's been a great trip (with lots of eating). it was winter in perth, and while i expected it to be cold, it was even colder than i'd expected, because of the incessant rain.

we visited toastface grillah twice- once for breakfast, and the other for lunch. the first time, i was startled to find that it was tucked in an alley, with graffiti-ed walls, no less. 

it was quirky and cool, though, with a small space inside with a counter and kitchen, and outdoor seating. we basically sat facing the alley. 

i was pondering over the steak sandwich (A$9) and the pear grillz (A$9), but my decision was made when i found out that the steak sandwich would only be available for lunch. X got the shroomy shroomy ya (A$9), which was basically a mushroom and cheese toastie. 

we ordered and paid before taking a seat outside, and our food was served after a brief wait. the toastie was delicious- never thought that a toastie could taste like that. 

the bread itself was toasty, golden and crisp, with fabulous grill marks; stuffed with a sweet-savoury combination of stilton blue cheese, cinnamon pear, raisins, currants and lime chutney. i savoured every bite. the flat white (A$3.50) i ordered was pretty good, too. 

tried a bit of X's mushroom toastie, but much preferred mine. there was an underlying flavour that i didn't quite take to. 

the pear toastie was so good that i decided to come back to try the steak one. while it was yummy, i found myself slightly feeling let down, because comparing to the pear, it just didn't quite measure up. still, it was steak and cheese sandwiched between golden slices of toast, and you really can't go too wrong with that. 

they've taken something simple and elevated it by doing it faultlessly. if it was in singapore i'd be back multiple times just for the pear toastie. 

toastface grillah
143 barrack street

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