the rotisserie, telok ayer.

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was in the CBD and didn't know what to eat (for once)- confounded by the multitude of choices, perhaps. i was wandering around looking at the different choices (there are SO many things to eat) and the rotisserie's monthly special, ribs, caught my attention. i've been to the rotisserie several times (but not recently) and really loved their panini, so i decided to give the ribs a go.

the ribs ($17) came with sides. choice either three hot vegetables (corn, peas, cauliflower with cheese or mash) or two salads. i was briefly attracted by the pesto orzo salad they had, but mash sounded even better, so i went with the hot sides. they should offer a choice of both, though. i remember being slightly annoyed by this restriction the previous visits as well. 

i was given a buzzer after payment. when it buzzed, i went over to collect my food and point out the sides that i wanted. they were certainly generous with the sides- i was given a heaping dollop of mash, cauliflower and corn. gravy was available as well, but i chose to have it on the side. 

i was really looking forward to the ribs, but it was quite a letdown, mainly because of how overpoweringly sweet the sauce was. i get that it's supposed to be barbecue sauce, and that it's usually sweet, but it was just too much. i would've preferred it without the sauce, actually. the ribs itself wasn't too bad; it was not fall off the bone tender, and had some bite, but i was okay with that. would've liked it to be more meaty, though. perhaps i've been spoilt by the good ribs i've had recently.

the sides made up for it, thankfully. the mash was creamy and smooth. i could've easily polished off another scoop if not for fear of my expanding waistline. the cheesy cauliflower made for a comforting eat as well, and the corn was buttery and juicy. 

i should've just stuck to the panini. sometimes trying new stuff doesn't pay off, and this is one of those times. i left feeling slightly unsatisfied, largely due to the ribs. meh. 

the rotisserie
51 telón ayer street

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