sunday market, lim tua tow road.

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i'd bought a groupon, intending to use it for their weekend brunch, but seemed that it wasn't to be (mostly thanks to my procrastination). so seeing that the voucher was about to expire, i decided to just go with their weekday menu. i went with X for lunch on a sunny thursday afternoon. it was about ten minutes' walk from serangoon mrt, and under the blazing sun, we were complaining about the walk nonstop.

i was initially already set on the duck confit ($19) but a peek at the neighbouring table distracted me into considering the wagyu burger ($22) as well. it looked really good (fried egg!) but i don't eat fries, so i still ended up with the duck. X was indecisive (as usual), but eventually decided on the salmon ($22) (which i predicted she would get, anyway).

my duck came slightly before X's salmon. being kechap manis glazed, the sauce was slightly on the sweet side. the duck confit was perfectly cooked though, and it was quite meaty as well. it also came with crispy baby potatoes, haricot fine beans, a side salad and some roasted cherry tomatoes. i appreciated the sides- they went really well with the duck, and made the dish more substantial.

X quite liked her miso marinated salmon as well. it came in a pool of creamy sauce (lemon butter, according to the menu), which i found to be quite off-putting.

portions are on the small side for mains, so we figured that we could probably share a waffle between us. it was really cheap anyway- $7 for an waffle, which came with a single scoop of ice-cream. X chose earl grey for the ice-cream. i wasn't expecting much, but the waffle turned out to be one of the best waffles i've eaten so far. it wasn't the crispy, airy type i hate. instead it was more substantial, and had the fragrance of buttermilk. my only complaint was that it was just too unevenly cooked- some parts were blonde, while some parts were a browned crisp. i much preferred the blonder bits.

i'd come back, actually, for the waffle. the mains were alright, but not something that i'd return for. i should probably make it a point to come back for their weekend brunch menu, given how much i liked the waffle.

sunday market
22 lim tua tow road

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