naughty nuri's, capitol piazza.

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naughty nuri's has been on my to-try list ever since they opened, but i wanted to wait until the hype'd died down before going. i've never been to the one in bali, but hey, it's ribs, and i love ribs of any sort.  i made a reservation for a saturday night dinner with R and C. glad i'd bothered to make a reservation, since i saw a group getting turned away when we were waiting to be seated- looks like they're still as popular.

it was an easy decision regarding what to get- the babi rock anthem platter ($88), since it had everything we wanted. it also made more sense to get the platter rather than individual items, since the items were expensive on its own ($24.80 for six pieces of prawn?! really?!). i'd seen the menu online, and remembered the platter to cost $68, but R pointed out that the $88 one included a full rack instead of a half in the $68. still, they seem to have increased prices quite a fair bit (i'm comparing it to reviews i'd read from other bloggers who visited earlier this year), so i guess it's good that we're finally visiting now, rather than later.

i was expecting a wait, but our food came pretty quickly. the platter included a full rack of their signature pork ribs, 6 pieces of indo buffalo drumlets, 6 pieces of prawn panggang, half chicken panggang, squid bakar, charred corn, smashed potato with pork scratchings and homemade achar. the portion was pretty large (it was supposedly for four people, but we're gluttons, so...) and i was super full at the end of it. the table favourite was definitely the pork ribs, which were coated with a sticky glaze and was fall off the bone tender. it was even better with a squeeze of lime- the acidity made the flavours pop. the runner-up for me was the grilled squid, which had charred bits- my favourite. the only thing i didn't like was the drumlets, which i found way too fried and sweet; just not my kind of thing.

we didn't expect the smashed potato to actually be fried- i was expecting a mash, actually. and we also didn't expect pork scratchings to actually mean crispy pig ears. we'd ordered a separate portion of the crispy pig ears because i just wanted to try it, and hadn't realised that the platter actually already included it. thankfully we realised halfway through, before they actually served the pig ears, and we were allowed to cancel it. it was good, though- crispy and coated with curry powder, it was very more-ish.

one thing, though- strangely enough, the food wasn't exactly piping hot. i think they had some issues with food service times as well- the table beside us had already finished up their platter before the mie goreng came, and they were so annoyed with the situation that they sent the food back. i think i would be too, so thank goodness it didn't happen to us. otherwise service was pretty good, i felt- the waiter was attentive and it was easy to catch his attention.

maybe because i came with no expectations (i'd read some pretty bad reviews), i was pleasantly surprised by the food, especially the ribs. (i hope they don't increase prices some more, though.)

naughty nuri's
capitol piazza

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