fatcat ice cream bar, bedok.

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i've heard so much about fatcat ice cream bar and have wanted to try it for so long. glad that the opportunity finally presented itself.

we were there on a weeknight. i was somehow expecting it to be crowded, but thankfully it wasn't. seating was limited, but we managed to get a table for four. spent a while paging through their menu- i wanted to try one of their plated desserts at first, but none caught my attention, so we ended up getting two waffles to share.

of course we had to have their signature charcoal waffles (even though i know the charcoal doesn't actually add any flavour), adding $1 for the salted egg sauce. the other waffle we got was the original brown butter one. we spent a while faffing about trying to decide what ice-cream flavour to get. my mum isn't the most adventurous person, so my sister and i were wary about getting the more out-there flavours for fear that she wouldn't eat it. i tried the butter beer because it sounded interesting, but it wasn't something that i would want to keep eating. so we stuck to the safer choices- strawberry cheesecake and blackforest (which was really more chocolate).

the waffles were served a while later. sadly the brown butter one came with chocolate sauce drizzled all over- one of my pet peeves, so i only ate a bit of that. the waffle's texture wasn't the kind i'm fond of- a bit too airy and crisp.

the charcoal one suffered the same fate. the salted egg yolk sauce saved the day, though. i found myself dunking bites of the waffle into the salted egg yolk sauce, which was more savoury than sweet.

not sure if i'll make a special trip back for their waffles. perhaps for their plated desserts, though.

fatcat ice cream bar
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