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i have this thing for mexican food, and singapore is surprisingly not lacking in good mexican options, so baja fresh has never been a place i was excited about trying. but then i saw that they were having a groupon promotion, and being the aunty i am, i decided that there was no harm trying it. i got a $30 voucher for $15, which essentially meant that everything we got would be half-priced. went along with X, pondering over the menu for a bit, before finally deciding on the pork carnitas tostada salad ($14.95). X got the pork carnitas quesadilla ($15.95 for a grande). both mains came with a side of tortilla chips, which X was extremely pleased about.

our food came almost immediately. X was taken aback at first by the presentation of my tostada salad, but she ended up liking it more than i did- i gave practically the entire tostada to her. my salad was alright- guacamole, sour cream, beans, pico de gallo and pulled pork piled on top of romaine. nothing particularly stood out- it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good as well; it was just meh. miles away from the other mexican places that i've tried in singapore- i was left wondering if they'd survive, given how empty the entire place was throughout our meal.

i ate two pieces of X's quesadilla in exchange for the tostada, and well, i suppose nothing much can go wrong with pulled pork and cheese. again, it was alright, but not particularly memorable as well.

i was pretty surprised to be charged for service- it was essentially a self-service restaurant. we went up to the counter to order, paid, and just waited for the food to be served to our table. salsas were available free flow on a counter.

with the groupon, we paid less than $10 per person, which i found reasonable. i'd be pissed if i were to pay full price for the food we had, though- for the same price point i'd be able to get much better mexican elsewhere. don't think i'll be back in a hurry.

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